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Infinite Abstraction

Infinite Abstraction

Infinite Abstraction // Printed on 20x30 Japanese Awagami Washi Art Paper.


Awagami is located in Yoshinogawa village (on Shikoku Island, Japan) where mountains and rivers provide the fiber & water necessary for washi papermaking.


Since antiquity, Japanese washi has been made from renewable plant resources that grow to maturity in 1-2 years. When compared to wood-based papers (that take dozens of years to mature and require many chemicals), washi is created with significantly less harm to our environment in a clean and eco-friendly manner. In the traditional spirit of Japan, Awagami papermaking maintains a caring and nurturing focus on the environment.


For over 8 generations of family papermaking, Awagami papers are crafted exclusively at the Tokushima mill. These papers are made with natural fibers to yield sheets with an expressive surface, quality craftsmanship, and impressive character. Awagami papers are acid-free, made with respect and care for the environment and suitable for professional artists & students alike.


Limited to only 5.

  • Information

    Printed on 20x30 Bizan 300gsm Awagami Paper.

    ‘Bizan 300gsm Thick Natural’ is a meticulously crafted handmade paper that emits a mood of elegance and luxury. This textured sheet has 4 organic deckled edges and is made 1 sheet at a time by Awagami’s master papermakers. ‘Bizan’ is thicker than virtually all other inkjet papers and may be displayed without matting or frame.

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